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August 16, 2006 Clip No. 1239

Top Iranian Nuclear Official Ali Larijani: The NPT Allows Us to Act in Secret, If Threatened

Following are excerpts from a speech by Ali Larijani, secretary of the Iranian Supreme Council for National Security, aired on Iranian News Channel on August 16, 2006.

Ali Larijani: Article 11 of the NPT states that if we are threatened, we can act in secret. If you want our activity to be transparent, you should not use the Security Council as leverage for your own benefit. If you do so, then according to the NPT, we are required to act in secret, in the face of your threat.


The Security Council resolution will not influence Iran's nuclear policy. We will continue a policy that will ensure the fulfillment of Iran's rights in the nuclear realm.


There may be people who are looking for other solutions, but we consider negotiations to be the logical path. We consider what was done in the Security Council to be wrong. Those who thought they could affect our determination this way were wrong.


Reporter: Has Iran begun enrichment on an industrial scale, or does it have a plan to do so soon?

Ali Larijani: Iran has such a plan. As I have said before, we have an organized and transparent plan, which the IAEA is aware of. We are not doing anything beyond our rights as laid down in the NPT. The IAEA inspection can continue. If anyone expects us to relinquish our rights according to the NPT - we will not do so. No Iranian government could do such a thing.

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