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July 2, 2004 Clip No. 148

Ayatollah Meshkini In A Friday Sermon in Qom: An Islamic Rule Under Ayatollah Sistani Is Required in

Ayatollah 'Ali Meshkinidelivered the Friday Sermon in Qom which was aired on Channel 2 of the Iranian TV. The following are excerpts from the sermon:

Crowd:Death to England.

Death to England.

The hand of God is on our head.

Khamenei is our leader.

Ayatollah Meshkini:Thanks to God...

Crowd:The hand of God is on our heads.

Ayatollah Meshkini:Indeed.

Crowd:Islam will be victorious and America will be annihilated...

Ayatollah Meshkini:Allah willing, please be seated.

Islam is a religion that wants to run the world. It has done so before and eventually, will run it (again). This religion has four prominent characteristics:

First, it abrogates all other religions. Islam came and abrogated all (other religions). They are obsolete. This is a religion that abrogates all (other) religions. (Saddam Hussein) committed innumerable mass murders, not to mention the individual murders. One case was in Halabja. He murdered 5,000 men, women, and children using poisonous substances such as mustard gas and cluster bombs- all given to him by America.

Crowd:Death to America

Death to America

Death to America

Death to America

Death to America

Ayatollah 'Ali Meshkini: Its high time Iraq established a Just Islamic regime under the supervision of the Grand Ayatollah Sistani and God willing, they will get somewhere. Hopefully.

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