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July 8, 2007 Clip No. 1511

Mullah Krekar, Leader of the Al-Qaeda Affiliated "Ansar Al-Islam": Al-Qaeda Resembles the Zionist Movement before the Establishment of the State of Israel

Following are excerpts from a debate between leader of "Ansar Al-Islam" Najmuddin faraj Ahmad, a.k.a Mullah Krekar and Ali Nouri Zadeh, Center for Arab-Iranian Studies, which aired on LBC TV on July 8, 2007:

Mullah Al-Krekar: Al-Qaeda has undoubtedly become an important element in the international balance of power. Whoever denies this can it as much as he likes. The influence of Al-Qaeda is greater than that of some countries.


I believe Al-Qaeda today resembles the Leninist, or Communist, movement, before it came to power in 1917, or the Zionist movement of Herzl, before Ben-Gurion brought it to power in Israel.


Ali Nouri Zadeh: It is absurdity tat Mullah Krekar claims that Al-Qaeda resembles Herzl's movement, or the Bolshevik movement in Czarist Russia. I don't believe there is any similarity between these movements. The Zionist movement called to regain the promised land. It went to Palestine and established the state of Israel. The Bolshevik movement wanted to change Russia, and to turn it into a great empire, restoring its past powers. The Al-Qaeda movement is based on suicidal ruin and destruction, and on the killing of innocent people. Al-Qaeda does not represent any ideology whatsoever.


In my opinion, there are close ties between Al-Qaeda and the Pakistani military intelligence. Someone like General Hamid Gul gave Bin Laden this large territory to operate in. Some Pakistani generals use Al-Qaeda to smuggle drugs and launder money. In Iran, the Revolutionary Guards intelligence, the Al-Quds Corps, and the Ministry of Intelligence use Al-Qaeda. How come the Iranians do not send Bin Laden's son back to Saudi Arabia? Dozens of the leaders of Al-Qaeda are present in Iran. Seif Al-'Adl, who planned the terrorist attack in Khobar, Saudi Arabia, is in Iran. How come these people live respectably in villas of the Revolutionary Guards intelligence, north of Tehran? This indicates that there are close ties between Iran and Al-Qaeda.

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