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January 18, 2008 Clip No. 1665

Al-Arabiya TV Filler Links Global Warming to Terrorism

Following is an Al-Arabiya TV filler, which aired on January 18, 2008:

Man in a restaurant: I'll have the grilled chicken, please.

Voice-over: The preferred food for millions of chickens around the world is green soy beans. It is mainly imported from Brazil by ships like this one, which release tons of carbon dioxide, causing the ice at the poles to melt, and the sea level rises, and as a result, the water floods some of these beautiful islands, whose inhabitants flee to refugee camps, where some of them might undergo terrorist training, and from time to time demonstrate their "fine arts" to the world.

Suicide bomber detonates a phone-bomb

These regular people are then compelled to change their clothes into military uniforms, ready to fight one of the new wars of the world – a war might jeopardize the world's energy supply, forcing the ships that carry green soy beans to cancel their journeys. Thus, it is impossible to ship soy to feed the world's chickens.

The outcome is:

Waiter: There is no chicken today.

"Al-Arabiya – So you know more."

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