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January 27, 2010 Clip No. 2370

Syrian TV and Organ Transplant Experts: Israel Reminiscent of Shylock, Engages in Organ Trafficking in Haiti and Worldwide

The following are excerpts from a televised debate on the so-called Israeli trafficking in human organs, which aired on Syrian TV on January 27, 2010.

Reporter: Israel is aiding the people stricken by the Haiti earthquake. This is a wonder unto itself. But the real reason is to steal organs from the corpses of the Haitian dead, in the greatest catastrophe this poor country has ever witnessed. Once the reason is known, there is no need to wonder – the Israeli delegation, which came to Haiti under the pretext of helping these fate-stricken people, exploited the tragedy and the suffering of the Haitians, by stealing their human organs for trafficking.

This was confirmed by American activist T. West, who documented this heinous crime and posted the film on Youtube. The film shows Israelis engaged in stealing organs from the earthquake victims. It seems that the [Israeli] entity of killing, destruction, and terrorism, which has become skilled in killing women and children in ice-cold blood, is now expert in stealing human organs and trafficking in them.

For years, human organ trafficking has been on the rise in Israel. The work of the traffickers has become an international trade, with offices in Europe and Africa. This has brought Israel to the third place in the world in organ trafficking.

Swedish journalist Donald Boström, who visited the occupied territories, confirmed, in a report published by the Swedish paper Aftonbladet, that the occupation soldiers were kidnapping Palestinian youth in the West Bank and Gaza, and were returning them to their families as stiff corpses, after having ripped out their organs. In addition, the Israeli authorities force Palestinians sentenced to death to sign documents consenting to organ donation after they are hanged.

The Swedish report linked these acts to the Jewish network that was caught last July in the American city of New Jersey, and to the rabbis who were accused of trafficking in human organs, in Israel and other countries.


Moderator: Dr. Jassem, the question poses itself.

Dr. Jassem Zakariya, Professor of International Relations, Damascus University: Of course, when we watch the scenes in this fine report, Shakespeare immediately comes to mind...

Moderator: Shylock...

Dr. Jassem Zakariya: Shylock, yes. As we see, the Jew has not changed – especially the Zionist Jews, who are now gathered in the so-called "Israel," which is the largest concentration in history of war criminals, who committed crimes against humanity. This is how they will be remembered if they continue with this.

Of course, the fact that the tragedy of the Haitian people benefits them is undoubtedly evidence of the imminent end of this entity, because this is the ultimate crime.

They began with our folks in Palestine – with the prisoners, the wounded, and the martyrs. They began with terrible crimes, through which they established their entity. To this day, they persist with their crimes, while the loathsome image of the Jew, the Zionist, the alien who came as an invader, an occupier, makes another appearance – this time in Haiti, not Palestine - so the whole world – anyone with a heart, ears, eyes, and insight – can realize that these people are the enemies of all mankind, not just of the Palestinians, the Arabs, and the Muslims.

This is a very important matter. At the very time that we are witnessing the dignity, courage, and humanity of the besieged people of Gaza, who make donations to Haiti... This is civilization, this is Arab identity, this is history, while these [Israelis] are just a bunch of murderers and criminals. They have never been anything else, and therefore, they will pay the price, sooner or later.

Moderator: Dr. Mustafa, is Israel really in need of these organs, or does it reflect their total disdain for the human soul? Before the show, you mentioned something about Abu Ghreib, and I told you to keep it for the show.

Dr. Muhammad Mustafa Al-Habash, Department of Transplantation, Al-Mouassat University Hospital: Israel is a country devoid of moral values and principles. When it takes human organs from various places worldwide... I have read many reports, over many years, about how they took organs from Croatia. I recently read on the Internet that an American activist claimed that Israel had taken organs from prisoners in Abu Ghreib in Iraq.

In the face of such a thing, I say: "How can Israeli doctors act this way?" After all, they are part of this system. Medicine is like music. It is a universal language of ethics...

Moderator: It does not officially prohibit the stealing of human organs...

Dr. Muhammad Mustafa Al-Habash: That's true. Israel is not deterred by this abomination.

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