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February 19, 2012 Clip No. 3346

Ali Abd Al-Fattah, a Muslim Brotherhood Leader in Egypt: The Time Will Come When "the Accursed Jews Will Return to Wherever They Came from and the Arab Land Will Be Completely Cleansed of Zionist Filth"

3346 Ali Abdallah Al Fattah feb 19.doc

Following are excerpts from an interview with Ali Abd Al-Fattah, a Muslim Brotherhood leader in Egypt, which aired on Palestine Today TV on February 19, 2012:

Ali Abd Al-Fattah: The time has come for the entire Egyptian and Arab people to unite against the Zionist-American enterprise. We can do without all the foreign aid and dictates, and we can liberate Palestine from the [Jordan] River to the [Mediterranean] Sea, by means of our determination and our capabilities.


The Camp David Accords were signed under cover of night, by the late president Muhammad Anwar Al-Sadat. It was at the expense of Arab unity. Egypt was isolated from the Arab camp. The time has come for restoring Arab unity and reestablishing Arab interests, and for Israel and the US to stop meddling in the Arab world, because the Camp David Accords have brought us nothing but disasters. The time will come when all the Arab peoples will strive to realize their aspirations, and Arab Jerusalem – both East and West Jerusalem – will become the capital of the State of Palestine, the accursed Jews will return to wherever they came from, and all the Palestinian rights will be restored, like the Right of Return of the refugees, and the Arab land will be completely cleansed from Zionist filth.


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