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May 30-31, 2013 Clip No. 3877

Former Egyptian Islamic Jihad Leader Nabil Naeem: The Muslim Brotherhood a Bunch of Fascist Moronic Amateurs

Following are excerpts from interviews with Nabil Naeem, a former leader in the Egyptian Islamic Jihad, which aired on Al-Mayadeen TV on May 30, 2013, and on Al-Arabiya TV on May 31.

Al-Mayadeen TV, May 30, 2013:

Nabil Naeem: As the former leader of the Egyptian Islamic Jihad, and as someone who spent many years in Afghanistan with Dr. Ayman [Al-Zawahiri] in the war against the Russians, I would like to give the following piece of advice to the fighters in Syria: After 15 years of fighting in Afghanistan, the shari'a has not been instated and an Islamic caliphate has not been established. The slogan for which you are being mobilized is false, because you will not instate the shari'a.

Has the United States donned the veil? Do you really think it will instate the shari'a in Syria? Has Obama converted to Islam? Is he about to establish the caliphate in Syria? You are being used as instruments in their colonialist designs. When the war is over and you are no longer needed, they will do to you what they did to us – you will either be killed or sent back to prison.


The U.S. spread the word around the world – and the idiotic Arabs and Muslims bought it – that post-Saddam Hussein Iraq would be heaven on Earth. Take a look at Iraq today. Has the shari'a been implemented in Iraq? Has a caliphate been implemented there? Has democracy been established in Iraq, for that matter? Today, the Iraqi people long for the days of Saddam Hussein.


Interviewer: Whether the Muslim Brotherhood or the Salafis are in power in Egypt, the peace accords with Israel will remain intact…

Nabil Naeem: These accords will be honored more than in the days of Mubarak. Hosni Mubarak had a military upbringing. He was familiar with Egyptian national security and the threats to it. But those [Muslim Brotherhood members] are a bunch of moronic amateurs, who will succumb to things that even Mubarak refused to accept.

I have been following Hamas from day one. Their slogan was the liberation of Palestine from the river to the sea. We used to laugh about this and say that they are fooling people. It has gotten to the point that Hamas is now protecting the peace with Israel. Whenever people would fire a rocket at Israel, Yasser Arafat would lock them up for one month and then set them free. Hamas kills them.

Interviewer: Are you convinced that Egypt should have a peace treaty with Israel now?

Nabil Naeem: Yes, of course. Allah does not require anyone to do more than he is capable of. The truth is that the Arabs are incapable of fighting Israel. How can the Egyptian people fight, when they have nothing to eat?


Al-Arabiya TV, May 31, 2013:

Nabil Naeem: We have always known that the Muslim Brotherhood would not grant liberties to anyone. This is a dictatorial organization raised on Fascism, and on the rejection of other people's opinions. How can they possibly grant us liberties? They can't give what they don't have. In order for the culture of the Muslim Brotherhood to change, this entire generation and the next must come to an end. We are looking at 30 or 40 years of Fascism and dictatorship.


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