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April 21, 2014 Clip No. 4273

Egyptologist Wassim Al-Sissy: Our Forefathers Invented the Pyramids, Communism, and Tom and Jerry

In a recent TV interview, Egyptian urologist and Egyptologist Wassim Al-Sissy said that Tom and Jerry were created by the ancient Egyptians and copied by Walt Disney. "I consider everything to have been planned here," said Al-Sissy, citing the Ipuwer Papyrus as evidence that Karl Marx had taken the principles of Communism from ancient Egypt. The interview was broadcast on the Egyptian Al-Kahera Wal-Nas TV on April 21, 2014.

Following are excerpts:

Wassim Al-Sissy: At the signing of the [Camp David] peace accord, Menachem Begin thanked President Carter for all his efforts, and said that it reminded him of the efforts of his forefathers who build the pyramids. These are lies! This man was a liar!

The pyramids were built in 2800 BCE, whereas Abraham lived in 1700 BCE – he lived 1,000 years after the building of the pyramids. Even if we assume that they were around when the pyramids were built, there is a difference between shepherds, who know nothing about engineering, or about erecting such monumental structures, and who couldn't do much more than carry bricks, perhaps, and between the brilliant minds who could build such structures. Anyone who knows this but still attacks [Egyptian] civilization must be working for global Zionism.

Sigmund Freud, who was a Jew, said so himself. In his book Moses and Monotheism, he wrote that ancient Egyptian civilization constituted the eternal complex of the Jews.


Interviewer: In your book, you wrote that Tom and Jerry were created by the ancient Egyptians.

Wassim Al-Sissy: Right.

Interviewer: Did Disney copy it, or did they come up with the same idea themselves?

Wassim Al-Sissy: They copied it. I consider everything to have been planned here. Even the principles of Communism – it turns out that they were written by Ipuwer, the historian from the First Intermediate Period. He wrote that labor belongs to the laborers, that the land belongs to those who till it, and that the heavens do not rule the land, because there is no god. This is from the First Intermediate Period, after the Sixth Dynasty. It turns out that the text, written by Ipuwer, the ancient Egyptian historian, was kept at a museum in Leiden, and from there, Karl Marx, Trotsky, and all those people too the slogans of Communism. They adopted them from the Egyptian Communist period, following the Sixth Dynasty. So even the principles of Communism you took from us?!


[The Muslim Brotherhood] is the handiwork of evil countries like England. They follow the principle of "divide to rule." They divided India into India and Pakistan. When they saw the growing Egyptian popularity after 1919, when Egypt was the height of its glory, following the victory in World War I, they said that the only way to destroy this people was to divide it into two. So in 1928, they brought Hassan Al-Bana and gave him 500 Egyptian pounds, and he got to work.


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