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September 21, 2014 Clip No. 4509

ISIS Spokesman Calls on Muslims in the West to Kill Americans, Europeans, Australians, and Canadians

In an audio address posted on the Internet on September 21, 2013, ISIS Spokesman Abu Muhammad Al-Adnani called on Muslims to kill infidels - whether civilian or military - in the West: "Smash his head in with a rock, slit his throat with a knife, run him over with your car, throw him to his death from a great height, strangle him, or poison him." Addressing Americans and Europeans, he warned: "You will pay dearly as you walk down your own streets, looking back over your shoulder in fear of the Muslims."

Following are excerpts:

Abu Muhammad Al-Adnani: Oh Crusaders, you have realized the danger of the Islamic State, but you do not know how to deal with it and you never will, because there is no way to deal with it. When you fight it, it only grows stronger, and when you leave it to its own devices, it flourishes and expands.

Obama promised you that he would defeat the Islamic State – well, Bush lied before him. Our Lord promised us victory, and indeed, we are victorious. Allah will always support us for He never reneges on His promises. We promise you that, Allah willing, this will be your last campaign, and that it will be shattered and will fail, just like all your previous campaigns.

This time, however, we will be the ones raiding you, when the campaign is over. You shall never raid us again. We will conquer your Rome, shatter your crosses, and take your women captive, Allah willing. This is Allah's promise to us, and Allah never reneges on His promise.

If we do not accomplish this, our sons or our grandsons will, and they will sell your sons into slavery.


Oh Americans and Europeans, the Islamic State did not start fighting you, contrary to what your governments and media would have you believe. It was you who attacked us first, and the blame lies with whoever started it.

You will pay dearly with the collapse of your economies. You will pay dearly when your sons are sent to fight us, only to return as cripples, in coffins, or mentally ill. You will pay dearly when you will be afraid to travel to any country. You will pay dearly as you walk down your own streets, looking back over your shoulder in fear of the Muslims. You will not be safe – not even in your own bedrooms.

You will pay dearly when this Crusader campaign of yours fails, and when in its wake, we raid your own land. After this, you will never attack anyone again.


Oh Muslim wherever you may be, do not let this war just go by. Attack the soldiers of the tyrants, and members of their police force and security agencies, as well as their collaborators. Deprive them of sleep, make their lives unbearable, and make them preoccupied with their own [problems].

If you are able to kill an American or European infidel – and particularly the malicious and impure French – or an infidel from Australia or Canada, or any combatant infidel, a citizen of any of the countries that joined the alliance against the Islamic State – then place your trust in Allah, and kill him in any way possible.

Do not seek advice or ask for a fatwa from anyone on this matter. When the infidel is a civilian or a soldier, the ruling is one and the same. Soldiers and civilians are combatant infidels, and it is permissible to take their lives and their property. The permission to kill someone does not depend upon the kind of clothes he wears. Civilian garb does not grant one protection, just as military fatigues do not make one's life fair game. In Islam, blood is inviolable when protected by aman, while the killing of infidels is permissible.

The lives and property of Muslims are inviolable, whereas it is permissible for the Muslims to take the property of the infidels. The killing of infidels is permissible. Like the killing of a dog, it carries no sin.


If you cannot obtain a bomb or bullets, target the infidel directly – whether American, French, or any of their allies. Smash his head in with a rock, slit his throat with a knife, run him over with your car, throw him to his death from a great height, strangle him, or poison him.


If you cannot do that, burn down his house, his car, or his business, or destroy his crops. If you cannot do even that – at least spit in his face.


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