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April 17, 2005 Clip No. 642

Friday Sermon in Kerman City, Iran: If Jesus Were Here Today He Would Not Justify America's Atrocities

The following are excerpts from a Friday sermon in the city of Kerman by Hojjat El-Eslam Yahya Ja'fari. The TV channel of the district of Kerman aired this sermon on April 17, 2005.

Hojjat Al-Eslam Yahya Ja'fari: As you know, the biggest problem of the Islamic world today is global Zionism and the Great Satan ? America. They are our enemies, especially the enemies of the Islamic Republic of Iran. They do not understand [the language of] reason, they do not follow international law, nor do they follow moral and humane laws. They have no religion and they do not accept God. They are a bunch of profane people, but seemingly, some are called Christians and some are called Jews. If the prophet Jesus were among us, would he justify the criminal measures America takes today in the name of promoting democracy and freedom? Would he justify these criminal measures?

Allah be praised, every passing day the peoples' hatred festers, especially among the youth in Islamic countries. This hatred of the Great Satan and global Zionism constantly intensifies.

Our senior officials, our delegation to the negotiations [with the EU], our president, and everybody else should know - the Europeans, Americans, and Israelis do not understand and will not accept any language but the language of force.

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