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Al-Qaeda Leader Abu Yahya Al-Liby: We Will Continue the Jihad until All the People in the World Submit to the Rule of Islam

Following are excerpts from statements by Al-Queda leader Abu Yahya Al-Liby, which aired on www.aekhlass.net in August 2007.

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Al-Liby: Only a few years ago, America, which is one of the major evildoers of this era, would brag about its power and boast about its army and military equipment. Everyone was subjugated to it and surrendered to its decisions. Nobody criticized America or objected to it. They were all just begging and pleading, kissing the threshold of the White House and the shoes of its politicians. But today where is America? Where are its power and its hollow pomp? Whatever happened to the slogan: "You are either with us or against us"? Where are all the threats and warnings? Whatever happened to the vanity and arrogance of the American army and politicians? Whatever happened to the worth of the American soldier, the killing of whom used to make headlines in all the media? Today, these soldiers are dragged through the streets of Baghdad, hung on the bridges of Fallujah, rolled on the rocks of Afghanistan, and burned to charcoal in the heart of its capital, Kabul. Nonetheless, reports of these matters pass unnoticed if they receive any mention at all in the media and are not considered marginal reports, unworthy of air time on news bulletins.




Al-Liby: We are not like those people who draw a distinction between types of jihad permitting and supporting it against the Jews in Palestine, and forbidding and preventing it in Iraq, Afghanistan, Chechnya, Algeria, and elsewhere. Jihad, which is the highest form of dissociation from non-Muslims, should be waged against the Jews, like it should be waged against the Christians, the Zoroastrians, the Hindus, and the apostates.




Al-Liby: We fight all the polytheists, just like they fight us all. We do not limit ourselves in this. We do not restrict ourselves to one type [of infidels] or to one region. This [jihad] will continue until they all submit to the religion of Allah, yield to its laws, and surrender to its rule.




Al-Liby: Yes, we believe that the entire world must be ruled by Islam, and no grain of soil should be made an exception, because the Prophet Muhammad was sent to all people without exception. This does not mean, however, that we must fight all peoples of the world at once, in order to subject them to Islamic law. Islam did not command us to do so. Islam commanded us to fight the closest and then the next, from among the people who refuse to submit to the rule of Islam. We should move from the closest to the next, and widen the circle, until all people submit to the rule of Allah. We are now at the beginning of the road, when we try to regain the lands taken over by the infidels, from among the Jews, the Christians, their apostate supporters, and treacherous rulers.


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